Apperson Council #307 - The Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD)
Stated Meeting(s): 1st Thursday in March, June, Sept, December at 6pm at various locations
Dark Months: July and August
Officers: (Click here)

An invitational body dedicated to the preservation and exemplification of Masonic side degrees of antiquity. EDITOR's NOTE: In some jurisdictions the AMD Councils are limited to presenting research papers. Membership requires affiliation with the Royal Arch and is limited to 27 members per presiding body. The presiding body is a Council, and the presiding officer is a Sovereign Master (titled Venerable). European AMD Councils open and transact business on the Order of St. Lawrence the Martyr. In addition to the AMD Council, there are two subordinate bodies attached to the Council, which operate as separate bodies outside the United States.
The Description of these Degrees can be found on St. Andrew's in America Council No. 1a, AMD, NC WEB SITE 

Degrees worked are:
  • Order of St. Lawrence the Martyr
  • Knight of Constantinople 
  • Grand Tilers of Solomon
  • Excellent Master 
  • Masters of Tyre
  • Architect
  • Grand Architect
  • Superintendent
  • Ye Antient Order of the Corks 
  • Red Branch of Eri and Appendant Orders (Honorary Degree)
  • Royal Ark Mariner (separate Lodge outside the USA)
  • Order of the Secret Monitor (separate Conclave outside the USA)
  • Installed Sovereign Master (AMD Chair Degree)
  • Installed Master (OStLM Chair Degree)
  • Installed Commander Noah (RAM Chair Degree)
  • Installed Supreme Ruler (OSM Chair Degree